Design and drafting of piping systems

Supervision during the construction of process piping

Quantitative and qualitative safety/security research


From waterways to harbours is only a small step and most harbours are dependent on or linked to the industry. The increasing pressure put on the industry to cope wih safety and environmental requirements leads to necessary management systems, in which we can offer a valuable experience of over 15 years.

Our main activity is quality assurance and the drafting of construction documentation of process piping. We can provide assistance, starting from the check-up of materials and certificates, welder qualifications and the organisation of NDT, till the collection of all the related data and the assembly of a final construction file, ready for acceptance by a notified body.

Our experience in the use of CAD programmes gives us the opportunity to accept all drafting orders. Besides drafting activities in various disciplines such as civil, maritime, mechanical and process fields, we can offer safety and security advice based on scientifically substantiated research.

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